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security personnel viewing CCTV systems
Director of Security
Phone: (520) 545-5321
Fax: (520) 545-5486
2238 East Ginter Road, Tucson, AZ, 85706

JULY 12, 2016 / MODIFIED AUG 29, 2018 10:12 AM
SUSD Security

Security Department Information

The SUSD Security Department facilitates the District’s commitment to ensure that safety is of the highest priority. Every campus has security monitors who work closely with students, parents, staff and law enforcement collaboratively. The SUSD Security Department also involves coordination and liaison with the Tucson Police Department, Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Pima County Juvenile Court, and Pima County Attorney’s Office. The Security Department provides 24-hour seven days a week safety and security to the Sunnyside schools and district offices.

Staff training is another aspect of the SUSD Security Department’s role. Schools received regular training on emergency preparedness, violence prevention, gang awareness, resiliency factors, drug-free lifestyles, and making healthy/position choices, aligned with the District’s K-12 Comprehensive Health Curriculum. The SUSD Security Department serves as a resource to schools, the community and other school districts.

In July 2015, The SUSD Security Department and Tucson Police Department received the 2015 Exemplary School Safety Initiative Award from the National School Safety Advocacy Council. As part of their acceptance of this award, a team of representatives from both agencies presented to a national audience on their partnership and collaboration for safety in our schools. For more information on the presentation made at the National School Security Conference, SELECT THIS LINK.

Safety Tip

To Prevent Cyberbullying tell your children the following:

  • Never respond to messages that have bad words or seem scary or are just weird.
  • Always let a parent or guardian know immediately if they find something scary or threatening on the Internet.
  • Never give out their name, address, telephone number, password, school name, parent’s name or any other personal information.
  • Never send a picture of themselves to anyone without your permission.
  • Never agree to meet face to face with someone they’ve met on-line.
  • Never enter an area that charges for services without asking you first.

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