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Native American Education Program

The Native American Education Program (NAEP) is a program of the Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD). The mission of Sunnyside Unified School District’s Native American Education Program is to recognize the unique cultural and educational needs of Native American students by providing the students, their families, and staff with tools and resources that are both culturally appropriate and meet the District’s standards allowing the students to realize their potential to succeed academically while embracing and preserving their culture, valuing education, and becoming valuable, successful contributors to the community in their future.

The NAEP is a supplemental program funded primarily though two grants: The Department of Education’s Indian Education Act (Title VII of ESEA) and Johnson O’Malley Act and it is implemented within all the District’s schools.

The goals of the Native American Education Program are as follows:

  • Increase Native American Graduation Rates
  • Increase the academic performance of Native American Students
  • Increase the Daily Attendance Rate of Native American Students
  • Promote a safe and orderly learning environment for Native American and all SUSD students
  • Increase the appreciation, expression, and understanding of Native American student culture and languages in SUSD.

Services provided by NAEP include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual and group tutoring in all academic subjects.
  • Individual student counseling/advising with an advisor/tutor who is sensitive and knowledgeable about the student’s culture.
  • Cultural activities and field trips.
  • Career development and information on higher educational opportunities.
  • Providing supplemental instructional materials for Native American students, staff, volunteers, and parents.
  • In-service or training opportunities for students, staff, volunteers and parents.
  • Serving as a liaison between Sunnyside Unified School District, students and their parents.

Program services are provided to all eligible Native American students within the Sunnyside Unified School District.

Currently, the NAEP employs six advisors who work to serve the District’s Native population. These advisors serve as role models for students, assisting them in becoming successful in their academic careers. NAEP severs approximately 900 Native American students (5% of SUSD’s student population). SUSD’s boundaries fall within San Xavier Indian Reservation. San Xavier District is a political subdivision of the Tohono O’odham Nation. Approximately two thirds of the students are Tohono O’odham. Other tribes represented within the program include: Apache, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Choctaw, Chumash, Gila River Indian Community, Hoopa, Hopi, Navajo, Salt River Pima Maricopa, Isleta Pueblo, Laguna Pueblo, Sioux and Yaqui.


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