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Responsible Reopening
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By Marisela Felix
Director of Public Info
JUNE 15, 2020 / MODIFIED SEP 30, 2020 03:54 PM


Status: Our Governing Board has set a target date to begin in-person hybrid instruction immediately following our Fall Break. This means that the first day for in-person hybrid instruction will be October 19th, provided that the nine Pima County Health Department criteria have been met.

Parent Choice

Hybrid Learning

The hybrid option offers students a modified, in-person experience. Students will alternate between in-person learning and structured, online (asynchronous) learning throughout the week. Students will be assigned to an "A" or "B" schedule and will attend school on alternating days (ex: Mondays/Thursdays or Tuesdays/Fridays) to ensure fewer students are on campus to maximize physical distancing. An effort will be made to keep families/households together.

On Wednesdays, all students will participate in remote learning with the teacher in much the same way they have been engaging this quarter. Wednesdays will continue to be a shortened day.

Learning will occur through a combination of in person and remote instruction.

  • Students will be assigned to either Group A or Group B
  • All attempts will be made for siblings will be assigned to the same group
  • Instruction is offered 5 full days per week in a Blended Model

Elementary Model

  • Group A attends school in person Mondays and Thursdays while Group B learns online, at home (asynchronously)
  • Group B attends school in person Tuesday and Friday while Group A learns online, at home (asynchronously)
  • All students learn remotely on Wednesdays in small groups with their teacher

Middle/High Schools Model

  • Group A attends school in person Mondays and Thursdays while Group B learns online, at home (asynchronously)
  • Group B attends school in person Tuesday and Friday while Group A learns online, at home (asynchronously)
  • Block periods 1-3-5 and 2-4-6 will continue
  • All students learn remotely on Wednesdays for all 6 periods

The following applies to Elementary and Middle/High School

  • A/B Cohorts allow for physical distancing by substantially reducing the number of students on campus
  • On in-person days, students will attend their regular school and classroom which supports social emotional development and the continuity of their academic progress
  • On in-person days students will participate in typical classroom learning with enhanced health and safety measures, including wearing face masks and practicing social distancing
  • Students will engage in Sunnyside curriculum is designed to be adaptable to in person learning or to remote blended learning
  • Specials (art, music and PE) and electives will be available to students following enhanced safety guidelines.
  • Accommodations and supports based on student needs will be provided for 504, Special Education and ELL students.


Remote Learning

Learning will continue to occur in a fully remote setting. The number of students electing Remote Learning will determine the model of delivery students receive (either structured with a teacher or self-paced).

  • Students who continue in Remote Learning may engage remotely with a teacher in a structured learning environment, interacting in a similar manner as they are doing now.
  • It is highly likely that students remaining in Remote Learning will be assigned to a different teacher(s) than they are currently assigned to.
  • In the circumstance that the number of students opting in Remote Learning is low, then students will be placed in SOSA (Sunnyside Online Success Academy). Students in SOSA will access self-paced content and have contact with a teacher through office hours.

All attempts will be made to ensure the least amount of disruption to a student’s schedule and/or programming in this model.

Parent Choice Questionnaire

Families, please submit one questionnaire for each of your students. By indicating your preference for the second quarter, please know that you are committing to your selection for the remainder of the quarter. In other words, your student will remain in either remote learning or in-person hybrid instruction based on your selection for the duration of Quarter 2 which is October 19th – December 17th.

Everything you Need to Know About Remote Learning

We are prepared to welcome students through remote learning on August 5th! Our teachers and curriculum staff have been working all summer to ensure that we can remotely deliver the same rigorous curriculum that would have been offered in person. This online experience will be different from what you experienced during the initial school closures. Click below for more information and resources!

Distance Learning Plan

On June 24, 2020, Governor Ducey issued Executive Order 2020-41 Prioritizing Kids and Schools During COVID-19 regarding the reopening of schools for school year 2020-2021. School districts are required to submit a Distance Learning Plan (DLP) to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) prior to implementing distance learning. School districts may begin operating their DLP upon submission of the plan to ADE. 

View Our Distance Learning Plan

Responsible Reopening Mitigation Plan

Our Responsible Reopening Mitigation Plan is developed as a guidance for students, staff and parents returning to school for the 2020-2021 school year. The information provided in this plan is based on guidance from local and state public health agencies. SUSD is committed to maximize the educational opportunities while keeping the safety and well being of our learning community at the forefront. This is a living document that is subject to change based on current information.

View our Mitigation Plan

K–12 Online Learning Available

Sunnyside isn’t new to digital learning spaces. Our successful legacy of delivering instruction through technology gives families a safe re-entry plan that will deliver uninterrupted learning experiences through an online only option. Click the button below to visit our enrollment page where you will find our enrollment form and more helpful information about this process.

Meal Distribution


The federal government has allocated funds that have allowed us to extend our free summer lunch program. Starting Thursday, September 3, we will provide free meals to all children under the age of 18 (no lunch application needed). Parents or students may stop by a school or designated bus stop Monday–Friday (excluding holidays) to receive a school lunch and a breakfast to go for the following morning at the following times:

• School sites 10:30am – 1pm
• Bus Route 11am – 12pm

For a complete list of moble meal bus stop locations, click HERE.

Governor's Executive Order

On July 23, 2020, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order which states, “each school district and charter school shall begin offering free on-site learning opportunities and support services for students who need a place to go during the day required by Executive order 2020-41 and shall begin August, 17, 2020, as prescribed in the Executive Order 2020-44”.

We recognize the importance of bringing students back for in-person support. However, on-site support starting August 17th is not teacher led instruction. We are offering a physical space where students will continue to be provided online instruction support by classified staff such as monitors, teacher assistants, and other support staff. There are health and safety guidelines along with staffing limitations that we must consider in order for us to provide the safest environment possible for all. For this reason, we are operating under the following guiding principles:

  • Student and staff safety- Due to the current concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 we will have a ratio of no more than 9 students for 1 adult. This will allow us to implement our mitigation efforts in the classrooms. Our full mitigation plan can be found on our website.
  • Prioritization of students based on need and staffing capacity- Since classrooms teachers are all occupied with providing online instruction during the day, we will be utilizing current classified staff to provide supervision during on-site support. This means we will be limited to the amount of students that we can support at this time. Therefore, we have set up a prioritization process to ensure we have the space to accommodate. 
  • Partnerships with outside agencies- The district is currently exploring possible partnerships with KIDCO, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and possibly other community organizations to provide additional support for parents. More information will be provided once we have solidified these partnerships. 

Using the guiding principles stated above, beginning August 17th, the in-person support services will be prioritized as follows:

  • Priority 1: K-12 families in need of internet access, K-1st grade families who are struggling to access the curriculum, self-contained Exceptional Education students whose IEP can only reasonably be implemented at a school site, mainstreamed Exceptional Education students to the extent that their IEP provides for related services that can only reasonably be implemented at a school site, students in Foster Care, Youth on their Own (YOTO) and other students that face unique living/housing challenges, English Language Learners who are struggling to access the curriculum, and students who are currently pre-registered in the District Tuition Based Childcare Program
  • Priority 2: 2nd through 5th grade families who are struggling to access the curriculum (as capacity permits)
  • Priority 3: 6th through 12th grade families who are struggling to access the curriculum (as capacity permits)
  • Priority 4: a situation other than those referenced in Priorities 1, 2 or 3 (as capacity permits)

If you meet the criteria of Priority 1, please call your child's school to determine availability and space for your child's unique needs. A waiting list will be created and families will be contacted if space becomes available for each of the criteria listed above. Please note that at this time we will not provide transportation to students; therefore, families will be responsible for transporting students to and from school.


Letters to Families:

Parent Survey Results

Thank you for your feedback, families! We have received over 4,000 survey responses to date. This data is important as we meet with the various committees throughout our planning process.

Survey Results

Responsible Reopening - Frequently Asked Questions