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Public Records Requests


The Board recognizes the right of the public to information concerning its actions, its policies, and the details of its educational and business operations.  The Board encourages study, discussion, and active participation by all concerned in the promotion of the best possible program of education in the community.  It is the practice of the Board to utilize the advice and assistance of interested individuals and groups in the solution of its educational and financial problems.

In recognizing the cooperating organizations in the District and by encouraging their active participation in educational policy making, the Board wishes to make it clear that in no way does it wish to escape its responsibility to the citizens of the community as the official governing body responsible for a final decision on all matters of policy and educational programs.  The Board accepts the following basic principles that are essential to a good public-relations program:

●  The Board will transact all official business in open meetings (except as exempted by law), which the press, the public, and school employees are welcome to attend, and at which time communications, both oral and written, may be received and considered when placed on the agenda.

●  The Board will function as speedily and as efficiently as circumstances permit, and always with due regard for the public interest.

●  Board members will familiarize themselves with the work of the school system in all major areas and shall bring to the schools the viewpoint, the knowledge, and the wisdom of the community.

●  The Board will make provision for keeping a record of the proceedings of all meetings.  Minutes of all Board meetings (except executive sessions) shall be considered matters of public record.

●  The Board will keep in mind that maintaining the confidence and respect of the community is of paramount importance to the success of the educational program of the District.

Adopted:  date of Manual adoption

38-431 to 38-431.09
39-121 et seq.




Public records of the District will be open for inspection by any person as provided by law.

Public record means any recorded information that is made, maintained, or kept by, or is in the possession of, the District.  Such records include minutes of the Governing Board, agendas, financial records, contracts, and statistical summaries. Public records to not include private records that have no relation the District's activities, regardless of whether the record is located in the District's offices.


The Public Information Office will be open to receive requests for records inspection or copying during normal business hours on Monday through Friday.

Requests for access to records shall be made in writing, using e-mail or a Request for Public Records of the School District Form (FORM KDB-E), and shall be directed to the Director of Public Information.

All persons requesting inspection and/or copying of public records must attest that they have not requested the public records of the District for a commercial purpose.  If the records are requested for a commercial purpose, the requester must provide a statement, verified by the requester, setting forth the commercial purpose for which the materials will be used.

The above declaration will be made and signed on the official form provided by the District for requesting inspection and/or copying of public records.

Following receipt of the written request, the Director of Public Information shall promptly permit acces to or provide for the copying of the recoreds requested or will provide an explanation of a cause for further delay and will give notification of the time the records will be available. The Director of Public Information may delay access if the public record must be reviewed by the District's legal counsel.  If access is denied, the Director of Public Information will provide a written statement of the grounds for denial.

Requirements of access and inspection apply only to existing records and do not require creation of new records.  Public inspection of a document that otherwise would be a public record may be denied by the Superintendent if 1) the record is made confidential by statute, 2) the record involves the privacy interests of persons, or 3) disclosure would be detrimental to the best interests of the District.  If a public record contains material that is not subject to disclosure, the District will delete such material and make available to the requester such material in the record as is subject to disclosure.

Records contained on a computer will be provided only in the form in which the information can be made available using existing computer programs.

Copies of radio or recording tapes of discs, video or films, pictures, slides, graphics, illustrations, or similar audio or visual items or devices will not be furnished unless such items or devices have been shown or played at a public meeting of the Governing Board.

A fee will be charged for each request to cover the cost of reproduction, including copier expenses, supplies and staff time.  Fees must be paid, or acceptable arrangements made, prior to the delivery of the public records copies.  

Fees  for  Records  Requested  for  
Non-commercial  Purposes

A fee for reproducing public records for non-commercial purposes will be assessed as follows:

A.  Thirty-five cents (35¢) per page of a paper copy of a public record.

B.  Five dollars ($5.00) per digital video disk (DVD) or compact disc (CD) of a public record.

C.  Free copies shall be furnished if they are to be used in claims against the United States.

Fees  for  Records  Requested  for 
Commercial  Purposes

A fee will be assessed for the reproduction of public records for commercial purposes.  This fee will include the cost of reproduction and the fair market value of the reproduction as best determined by the Director of Public Information.

A.  The fee for paper or electronic copies of competitive bid files requested for a commercial purpose will be one hundred dollars ($100.00) per bid file.

B.  The charge for other commercial public records will be one dollar ($1.00) per page.





Note:  It is not required by law that this form be filled out by a person requesting public records.  The District may request the document be filled out or the District may use the document internally as documentation of public records requests.

Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ______________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                   (street)                                       (city)                 (state)                 (zip)

Phone:  Home ______________________________________________ Work ________________________________________________

E-mail address _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Nature of request:

    ◻   Opportunity to review records (no original record may leave the
          custodian's office)

    ◻   Copies of records.

Please read and sign the following statement:

I have requested public records of the School District for a noncommercial purpose.  I understand that if the records should be used for a commercial purpose, a verified statement of the purpose must be submitted per A.R.S. 39-121.03.

______________________     ___________________________________________________
               (Date)                                                (Signature)

Notice:  A fee will be charged for copying based upon actual cost for providing the information.

Records requested (please be as explicit as possible as to the records you desire):


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