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Bond Projects - HVAC

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Delivered as Promised

HVAC & Energy Management Strategic Savings on Utilities

In its earliest stages, the bond-funded projects for facilities remodeling and renovation have provided school buildings with badly needed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) improvements, as well as an advanced energy management system.

Nearly $10 million were dedicated to maintain a comfortable temperature in our classrooms. This is absolutely essential to the teaching and learning environment, because when heating and cooling systems are not functioning at peak performance, the ability of our teachers to teach and our students to learn is severely compromised.


Drexel Chillers
By upgrading our District’s HVAC equipment, the chillers and cooling towers are now controlled with new Variable Frequency Drives for energy efficiency. This EMCS technology is an innovative, flexible, and economical building automation system that minimizes the amount of energy used. The EMCS system allows for lighting, heating, and cooling systems across the District to be managed from a single computer terminal.


With the bond funded HVAC and EMCS upgrades complete, the District has initiated additional ways to become more energy efficient by implementing methods to conserve electricity and water. These utility savings will allow the District to complete capital improvements previously without a funding source, in the amount of $13.6 million. Included in these projects are bathroom renovations ($5.57 million), LED lighting conversion ($5.76 million), water conservation measures ($1.64 million) and portable classroom HVAC modernization ($0.63 million). These utility-saving purchases are made possible through a performance contract. This performance contract guarantees that the energy and water savings, along with the rebates generated from Tucson Electric Power and Tucson Water, will pay for the $13.6 million over a period of 15 years.


Sunnyside Unified District received a Tucson Electric Power (TEP) BrightEE Award in 2014, for our innovative energy savings projects. Each year, the electric company awards customers and contractors that take advantage of TEP’s cost-effective energy efficiency (EE) programs to achieve significant energy savings. Sunnyside qualified for this award when classroom lighting and mechanical equipment at its schools and in several support facilities were upgraded. In 2013, District staff gave 17 energy efficient classroom presentations and distributed more than 450 energy efficiency kits for students to use at home through TEP’s Outreach Program.

Energy Efficiency and Utility Savings

Phase I Savings



    HVAC Upgrade

  • Sunnyside High School

Phase II Savings



    HVAC Upgrades

  • Apollo Middle School
  • Liberty Elementary School
  • Mission Manor Elementary School
  • Sierra 2-8 School
  • Summit View Elementary School

Phase III Savings



    HVAC/EMCS Installations

  • Apollo Middle School
  • Lauffer Middel School
  • Gallego Intermediate
  • Craycroft Elementary School
  • Drexel Elementary School
  • Elvira Elementary School
  • Esperanza Elementary School
  • Gallego Primary
  • Los Amigos Tech Academy
  • Los Niños Elementary School
  • Ocotillo Learning School
  • Rivera Elementary School
  • Santa Clara Elementary School
  • Sierra 2-8 School
  • District Office

Phase IV Savings


Next 15 Years

    Water & Electricty Savings Initiative

  • District-wide restroom facilities renovation
  • Water management reduction program
  • LED lighting conversion
  • HVAC modernization of portables

Total Saving for Phase I II & III Equaled 18,474,581 Kilowatt Hours

This photo gallery highlights a set of completed bond projects involving HVAC improvements or replacements throughout the Sunnyside District.

Drexel Elementary School Chillers
Drexel Elementary School Chillers
Drexel Elementary School Chillers
Drexel Elementary School Chillers
Santa Clara Elementary AC Units
Santa Clara Elementary AC Units
Desert View High School Air Wash Cooler/Heater Unit
Desert View High School Air Wash Cooler/Heater Unit