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Open Enrollment

OPEN ENROLLMENT is available at ALL Sunnyside District schools. To request enrollment information please fill out the "Student Enrollment Information Request Form" listed below, or enquire at one of our schools for more details:

INSCRIPCIÓN ABIERTA está disponible en TODAS las escuelas del Distrito Sunnyside. Para solicitar información sobre la inscripción, por favor llene el "Formulario de solicitud de información para inscripción de estudiantes" que aparece a continuación o pregunte en una de nuestras escuelas para obtener más detalles:

Middle Schools

(520) 545-4500
265 West Nebraska Street, 85756
(520) 545-4600
101 East Elvira Road, 85706
(520) 545-4700
3700 East Alvord Road, 85706
(520) 545-4900
5385 East Littletown Road, 85756
(520) 545-4800
5801 South Del Moral Boulevard, 85706

Elementary Schools

(520) 545-2600
5455 East Littletown Road, 85756
(520) 545-2700
801 East Drexel Road, 85706
Preschool; K-6
(520) 545-2800
250 West Elvira Road, 85756
(520) 545-2000
2238 East Ginter Rd, 85706
(520) 545-3000
6200 South Hemisphere Place, 85706
(520) 545-3100
5495 South Liberty Avenue, 85706
(520) 545-3200
2200 East Drexel Road, 85706
(520) 545-3300
5445 South Alvernon Way, 85706
(520) 545-3500
600 West Santa Rosa Street, 85706
(520) 545-3900
5102 South Cherry Avenue, 85706
(520) 545-3700
6910 South Santa Clara Avenue, 85756
(520) 545-3800
1900 East Summit Street, 85756

High Schools

(520) 545-5100
4101 East Valencia Road, 85706
(520) 545-2300
5093 South Liberty Avenue, 85706
(520) 545-5300
1725 East Bilby Road, 85706

Early Learning

(520) 545-3600
5702 South Campbell Avenue, 85706
Pre K-1

Registration Requirements

To register at any of the Sunnyside Schools you will need the following:

  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Transcripts (may be unofficial) or Diploma from Middle School if applicable
  • Proof of Residence:
  • Preferred Identification:
    1. Driver's License with Current Address
    2. Rental Lease Agreement or Deed
    3. Current Utility Bill
    4. Two Forms of Mail with Current Address

Parent or Legal Guardian's Signature is necessary on enrollment forms.

When does school start?
The first day of school is Wednesday, August 2, 2017
What time does my child’s school start and end?
Current day's start and end times are displayed on each of the school pages.
Click here for a complete list of schools.
To view a complete listing of the school Bell Schedules - Click Here
How do I enroll my child in a Sunnyside school?
Please contact your school of choice! The office staff will be able to assist you with enrolling your child. A list of schools and phone numbers is on this link. http://www.susd12.org/open-enrollment
When will I receive my child’s bus schedule?
Bus schedules are now available on our website at http://www.susd12.org/2016-2017-bus-schedules
Bus Routes (By Address) https://aspq10.edulogweb.com/sunnyside2web/webquery/
To Request or Confirm the need for transportation services please fill-out our "Transportation Request/ Confirmation Form".
When will my child receive a laptop?
High school students will receive their laptop upon registration! Elementary and middle school students will be receiving their laptop during the first and second weeks of school.
Where do I get information about breakfast and lunch for my child?
Download Free or Reduced Lunch Applications: Spanish / English
Download Lunch Menus http://www.susd12.org/school-lunch-menus
When is Meet the Teacher Night?
Each school will have information on that special night where you will meet your child’s teacher(s). Please check with your school office for more information.
When can students pick up their schedules?
Students will receive their schedule as part of the registration process. Please check with your school office if you haven’t received this information yet.
How do I get a PowerSchool Parent Portal account?
Power School Parent Portal accounts are provided by your student’s school. Please check with your child’s school so you may be assigned an account by which you can review student information such as grades, attendance information, teacher messages, and more!

District Resource Web Links

School Start Times
Click Here for School start and end times.

Shots and Athletics Physicals

Open Enrollment
Out of District Open Enrollment can be processed from your chosen school office or by using this online form:  http://www.susd12.org/open-enrollment

PowerSchool Parent Portal 
Power School Parent Portal will give you access to view your child’s attendance and grades as well as communications with your child’s teachers. All parents are given a Power School account to view this and other student information. TO get your Power School Parent Portal login and password, select this link: http://www.susd12.org/powerschool

Uniform Information
Many of our schools require students to wear uniforms. School uniforms information can be obtained at your child’s school office. Click here for a complete list of schools.

District Academic Calendar
Sunnyside has adopted a new calendar year that will include two interssions, one in October and one in March. District Academic Calendar provides parents a calendar of holidays, intersession days and those days were students will not have clases. Your Adademic Calendar can be reviewed at this URL. http://www.susd12.org/academic-calendar

Library Collection online
The Sunnyside school library catalog is online and may be browsed by parents at this link: http://library.susd12.org/

Student Safety
Student safety is our first priority. For information on SUSD Security, select this link. http://www.susd12.org/security

Counseling and Guidance Services
Each school in the Sunnyside District has a full time counselor. Several schools have more than one counselor to assist students  and their families. For information on Counseling and Guidance Services, please select this link. http://www.susd12.org/counseling-guidance

Student Services

Special Education
For information on Sunnyside’s special needs program and services your your child, select these links http://www.susd12.org/exceptional-education  and http://www.susd12.org/exceptional-education-terms-and-definitions#civil-rights

Gifted Students

Parents as Teachers

Graduation Requirements

College and Career Academies

Student Enrollment Information Request Form

Please use this form to request enrollment information for the school of your choice. Information collected in this form will be sent directly to the school's administration.
Please Note: If interested in enrolling multiple students? Please submit a separate form for each student.
This is not an enrollment application form. It is only a on-line request form to receive information regarding possible enrollment. It does not guarantee enrollment at any school.

STEP 1 - Select the school are you interested in Enrolling at.

Please select the school you interested in enrolling your student at.
STEP 2 - Fill out the required student information.
Select the School Year student will attend.
Grade level the student will be enrolled at.
Please select or enter the name of the school your student is currently attending.
Please enter your student's Matric Number if available.


Gallego Intermediate and Gallego Primary require a separate application process for enrollment.

To apply for either Magnet School please Click Here.

Reload Form

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