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Competitive Sunnyside Salaries

Passage of Prop 123 provided SUSD with $3,314,388 of additional M&O revenues in FY 16 and $2,017,373 in FY 17 (total over 2 years $5,331,761)

The Governing Board’s commitment to increase employee compensation has resulted in raises to these employee groups in the amounts of:

Certified (8.45%) $3,648,963
Classified (6.5% $1,353,139
PNT (6.42%) $538,858
Admin (3.75%) $193,582
TOTAL $5,734,542

Additional Monetary Incentives Offered to Certified Employees

  • After School Tutoring
  • Athletic Coaching
  • Performance Pay Incentive
  • Teacher Academic Evaluation Incentive
    • Highly Effective: $800
    • Effective: $500
    • Developing: $300
  • Professional Development
    • Monetary incentives
    • Certification Professional Development Hours
  • National Board Certification
    • $3000 
  • Monetary Salary Credit Incentive
    • BA – BA 44,  BA 45 – MA 44, MA 45 - PHD
      • Approximately 5% increase of total compensation 

Prop 123

Implementation of the salary schedules was possible only because of the increased revenue from Prop 123 AND the budget cuts that were made this spring. Were it not for the budget cuts that eliminated positions and improved instructional models, the full implementation would not have been possible.

Prop 123 Used for 2016-17 Salary Raises via Salary Step Schedule

Certified $3,648,943 64% $3.65
Classified $1,353,139 24% $1.35
PNT $538,858 9% $0.54
Administrators $193,582 3% $0.19
  100% $5.73

The four new salary schedules can be viewed at http://www.susd12.org/human-resources#Salaries-Schedules.

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