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Middle and high school ideas: 

● Order free colorful handouts and brochures from the National Dairy Council (www.nationaldairycouncil.org), go to "Tools For Schools" link - '"Nutrition Education Materials Catalog" link - select your state under "Contact your local dairy council" then use the link provided to you and use that catalog, for example, if you are in Connecticut, you would go to: www.newenglanddairycouncil.org. 

● Good handouts for this age group include: 

■ Guide to Good Eating Handout 

■ Daily Food Guide Pyramid Handout 

■ Sports Nutrition Pyramid Handout 

■ The Inside Out! Brochure 

■ Banking on Beautiful Bones Brochure 

■ Breakfast Boosts Brain Power Brochure 

■ Think Your Drink (make photocopies of this reproducible master) 

● Order free colorful handouts from the Beef Council (www.beefnutrition.org). 

■ Go to "Materials and Downloads" at the top of the screen; 

■ Go to "Online Catalog for Patients and Clients" in the drop-down menu; and 

■ Order the stand-up tear pad easel to make the health fair table 3-dimensional. 

● New England Dairy Council has a link called "Health Fairs." You can download, print, and photocopy handouts for your health fair. [www.newenglanddairycouncil.org]. 

● Milk Mustache Booth (See Milk Mustache Booth sheet below from the New England Dairy Council). 

● Sugar Comparison in different beverages shows how many teaspoons of sugar in each beverage. (See "Think Your Drink" document). 

● Place poster and/or handouts "Think your Drink" near display (available from the National Dairy Council or your local dairy council). 

● Nutrition Game: Create a sign on the computer and put in a 8"x11" clear plastic sign holder or create a sign using poster board that says: Nutrition Game - Win a Prize!!! 

● Ask students nutrition related questions and see if they give the correct answer. See Nutrition Game Questions below

● Prizes could include: Got Milk! or other posters. Call the National Dairy Council, phone number: 1-800-426-8271 to ask if they have any. 

● If students answer a question, they could enter a raffle to win a bigger prize (not unhealthy foods) 


■ Movie theater gift certificates. 

■ Local video rental store gift certificates. 

■ Basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, et cetera. 

Support Documents: