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The regular school attendance of a child of school age is required by state law.  Regular school attendance is essential for success in school; therefore, absences shall be excused only for necessary and important reasons.  Such reasons include illness, bereavement, other family emergencies, and observance of major religious holidays of the family's faith.

            The SUSD curriculum and classroom instructional practices are designed upon the premise that students are in class. Good attendance in school is also an important academic   behavior with clear ties to student success. For these reasons, parents are encouraged to minimize the amount of class time missed due to scheduled appointments. 

            Support will be given for class time missed due to excused absences (see Make-up Work, Getting Assignments, and Chronic Health). In addition, students are able to demonstrate mastery through alternative means, such as credit by exam, can reference the Exhibit to policy IKF: Graduation Requirements, including IKF-RC: Credit by Exam Recommendations and IKF-EC Credit by Exam Referral Form.

In the event of a necessary absence known in advance, the parent is expected to inform the school; if the absence is caused by emergency, such as illness, the parent is expected to telephone the school office.  When a student returns to school following any absence, a note of explanation from the parent is required.

When Absent  from  School

State law mandates that the school record reasons for all student absences.  Therefore, when a student is absent, it will be necessary for the parent to call the school on or before the day of the absence in order to advise the school as to the reason for the absence.  When it is impossible to call on the day of the absence, the school should be notified on the morning the student returns, in time for the student to obtain an admission slip prior to the student's first class.  All absences not verified by parental or administrative authorization will remain unexcused.

If a parent does not have access to a phone, either at home or at work, a note will be accepted for verification purposes.

For absences greater than one (1) day in length, the school should be notified each day of the absence.

All personnel will solicit cooperation from parents in the matter of school attendance and punctuality, particularly in regard to the following:

●  The scheduling of medical and dental appointments after school hours except in cases of emergency.

●  The scheduling of family vacations during school vacation and recess periods.

The school may require an appointment card or a letter from a hospital or clinic when the parent has not notified the school of an appointment of a medical or dental nature.

School administrators are authorized to excuse students from school for necessary and justifiable reasons.


Adopted:  date of Manual adoption


JE - Student Attendance

Adopted:  date of Manual adoption


JH - Student Absences and Excuses

IKF: Graduation Requirements




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Regulation JH-RB

Absence Regulations and Criteria for Grades 9-12


Because class attendance is essential to learning, the following procedures will be followed:

            1.         A student may not miss more than 10 class periods (excused or unexcused), per class per semester. 

            2.         If a student accumulates ten absences in a class, he/she will be placed on No-Credit status.   

            3.         As a part of due process, parents/guardians will be notified after the fifth absence in any class.  

            4.         In such cases, the student will remain enrolled in the class, with an opportunity to appeal the loss of credit.

            5.         Unless the student’s parents/guardians appeal and prevail in the appeal, a final semester grade of NC (No Credit) will be recorded on the student’s Official Transcript, and the class will need to be retaken, if it is needed to meet graduation requirements.

            6.         While a final grade of NC is not averaged into a student’s cumulative GPA, it will be counted as an F for purposes of eligibility and averaged into eligibility criteria as an F at the end of each semester.


            1.         Parents/Guardians or students may file a written appeal of the No Credit status and/or No Credit grade.  Any such appeal shall be heard and decided by the Appeals Committee at the school.

            2.         The written appeal, including all supporting documentation, must be received by the building principal within ten days of the end of the credit period. 

            3.         The Appeals Committee will consist of one administrator and one guidance counselor.

            4.         If the committee has verified that extenuating circumstances are involved, it may recommend that the policy be waived for a student, and that credit be granted.

            5.         The recommendation will also contain an explanation of the extenuating circumstances involved.

            6.         The Appeals Committee will use the historical documentation provided within the student’s attendance file to make its reasonable decisions with respect to each appeal.


The Appeals Committee will consider the following factors when deciding whether to grant credit:

  • Whether academic performance reflects that the student has met the requirements of the course.
  • Whether the absences were excused or unexcused.
  • Whether absences have been reduced since the 10th absence/NC status occurred.
  • Whether there is verification of other extenuating circumstances.
  • Whether the student has engaged in make-up opportunities to mitigate the loss of class time.


If the parents are dissatisfied with the committee’s decision, they may appeal to the Superintendent or designee within three (3) school days. Their appeal shall be written in a letter, and the letter shall describe in detail all objections to the committee’s decision. The Superintendent or designee shall consider this appeal within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the appeal.


Absences - Excused 


If a student is unable to attend school, parents are responsible for calling or writing a note to the Attendance Office excusing the absence. In order for absences relating to illness, doctor appointment, bereavement, or family emergencies to be counted as excused absences, the school must be notified of the absence within 24 hours of when the absence occurs by the parent or legal guardian who has custody of the student. The call or note should be specific to the student’s name, date and class periods missed, and the reason for the absence.  Missing class to attend school activities with prior teacher and administrative approval is not considered an absence.


Students arriving late to school because of a late bus will be excused by the school.


Absence - Unexcused


A student is considered to have an unexcused absence if any of the following occur:

  1. An absence without parent or guardian permission;
  2. The reason for the absence does not conform to district rules or standard practices;
  3. The student is on or near campus, but not in class without legitimate permission;
  4. The student leaves campus and is absent from class without first receiving legitimate permission through a Pre-arranged Absence Form, the Attendance Office, the School Nurse, or an Administrator.
  5. The student arrives to class more than 10 minutes after the tardy bell.


All students, including those with special accommodations, shall be permitted the same amount of time as he/she was absent to finish make-up work. A request for class assignments must be made for any extended non-school activities (i.e. funerals, seminars, family emergencies, etc.).

  • It is the student’s responsibility to initiate make-up scheduling for work missed.
  • Work missed due to excused absences: Full credit will be given for work made up on time as a result of excused absences.
  • Work missed due to unexcused absences: Work must be made up, but full credit may or may not be given at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Work missed due to suspension: Work must be made up and full credit will be given.


Exceptional Education & 504

All students with identified attendance issues will be managed in the same manner as all other students, unless the Individual Education Plan or 504 Accommodation Plan provides that attendance issues should be addressed in an alternate manner.



JH ©

Regulation JH-RC


Attendance: Process of Notification

  • Absence 1-Automated Call
  • Absence 2 Automated Call
  • Absence 3-Automated Call
    • Automated notice sent to parent via text or email
  • Absence 4-Automated call
  • Absence 5-Automated Call
    • Warning- Loss of Credit Notification to parent via  letter
    • Personal student notification
  • Absence 6-Automated call
  • Absence 7-Automated Call
    • Parent Student Advocate calls home
  • Absence 8-
    • Parent Conference (Attendance Clerks contact parent for conference)
    • Review of potential consequences
  • Absence 9-Automated Call
  • Absence 10- Automated Call
    • Student placed on No Credit Status



Make up Opportunities

Students who have been placed on no-credit status will be encouraged to engage in opportunities to restore their credit status.  These opportunities will offer either academic support or positive outcomes for the school community.  Some examples of these options include the following:


  • Intersession classes
  • After school tutoring
  • School service projects