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UMR - Helping You - October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
By Website
OCTOBER 1, 2020 / MODIFIED OCT 1, 2020 12:53 PM

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many of us know someone in our lives who has experienced breast cancer. There are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States, and each year nearly 250,000 American women will receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual campaign to raise awareness of the disease and the importance of regular screenings and early detection.

Simply being a woman is the number one risk factor for developing breast cancer. And though there is nothing we can do about other leading risk factors such as getting older or our personal family history, there are steps we can take to reduce our overall risk.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight: Having a body mass index (BMI) over 25 can raise our risk for breast cancer or a recurrence for those who have had the disease.
  • Exercising regularly: Research shows a link between exercising regularly at a moderate or intense level for 4 to 7 hours per week and a lower risk of breast cancer.
  • Limiting alcohol: Women who have three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15 percent higher risk of breast cancer than those who don’t drink at all.
  • Living tobacco-free: Smoking causes a number of diseases and is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer in younger, premenopausal women. Smoking also can increase complications of breast cancer treatment.

As an employer, you can do your part to promote these healthy habits and the importance of breast cancer screenings among your member population. You might also show support for cancer research or prevention by sponsoring a fundraiser to raise money for related organizations within your community.

Click here to view and download our “Have you had your mammogram?” flyer to print or email to your members.

Here are links to additional resources selected by our wellness team to help your employees better understand their risk for breast cancer. We’ve chosen information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, resources from FORCE: Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered and diagnosis-based assistance programs for breast cancer.

Plus, we’ve picked healthy seasonal recipes for preparing pumpkin dishes, pumpkin bean soup, apple wedges and pumpkin almond butter and more fall baking ideas.

Consider sharing these links with your employees as part of your health promotion activities this month.

Turn over a new leaf with Healthy You

The Fall 2020 issue of UMR’s Healthy You digital magazine is now available. Attached is your monthly Healthy You email blast to share with your employees for October.

Designed to keep readers in touch with Healthy You, this month’s email provides links to the latest issue and feature articles on mammograms, virtual health care visits and ideas for making walks more interesting.

Simply open the attached email message, insert your employee mailing list and hit send.

And if you do not use Outlook email software, we’re providing the same content in a PDF format that can be forwarded as an attachment or posted to an intranet site to share with employees.

Mental and emotional health

This month’s suggested health promotional campaign in our 2020 Health and Wellness Communication Guide is designed to raise awareness of the ways mental well-being can affect a person’s physical health, and vice versa, and provides tips for achieving a healthy balance for both mind and body.

Click here to view and download the “Power of the mind-body connection” poster to print and display in your workplace, click here for a flyer on mind-body awareness, or click here to download and print copies of the campaign postcard to mail to members’ homes.

Want related information to print and hand out to members or attach to an email? Click here for a flyer on the benefits of practicing mindfulness, click here for a flyer on ways to boost our emotional health, click here for tips on overcoming loneliness, or click here for information on the power of positivity.

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Click here to download the PDF file.