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SUSD improves financial outlook says Az. Auditor General Report
victorm1's picture
By Victor Mercado
Director of Public Information
MARCH 8, 2018 / MODIFIED APR 26, 2018 01:15 PM

Sunnyside's 2017 School District Spending Report is now available from the Office the Arizona Auditor General. The report tracks how school districts across the state allocate resources and ranks them in order of financial stress from 'Very low' to 'Very high'. 

This year's report shows marked improvement from last year's financial assessment. Sunnyside earned 'Low' to 'Very Low' Financial Stress efficiency measures in five out of six areas (Administration, Plant Operations, Food Services, and Transportation) compared to peer districts. Overall, the District earned a ranking of 'Moderate' financial stress, which was a significant change from the District's 'High' financial stress ranking in the year prior. The Sunnyside Unified School District currently maintains capital reserves of 1-3 years, which helped the learning organization make the leap from 'High' to 'Moderate' financial stress.

Sunnyside maintains relatively low Administrative costs per student, which accounted for its 'Moderate' raking comparable to other districts in the state. Sunnyside's administrative cost per student is $800 per student, which is lower than the state average of $844. In Pima County, Sunnyside spends significantly less on administrative costs per child than TUSD and Tanque Verde ($1,006 and $1,005), but slightly more than Amphi ($694). 

Despite being the only school district in Pima County without override funding, Sunnyside spends $8,296 per pupil, falling in the range of $11,076 (Amphitheater) and $7,610 (Sahuarita). The District spends 49.5% of its funding on classroom spending, lower than the the state average of 53.8%. In Pima County, Tanque Verde allocates 56% of its funding on classroom instruction while Vail, TUSD, and Sunnyside round up the bottom at 51.4%, 50.9% and 49.5% respectively.

Click here to access the Full Report from the Office of the Arizona Auditor General

Arizona schools putting more money into the classroom for the first time in years, Hank Stephenson, Arizona Daily Star, (03/01/2018).