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SUSD employees qualify for $25 UMR pay period premium discount
LauraE's picture
By Laura Emslie
Director of Human Resources
NOVEMBER 16, 2018 / MODIFIED DEC 18, 2019 09:49 AM

Beginning June 2018 through March 2019, Sunnyside employees will have an opportunity to earn UMR points by participating in activities to earn a premium differential of $25 per pay period for the 2019-20 plan year. That's basically $25 off your health insurance premium every pay period during (a potential savings of $525 per year!).

Below are two activities that can easily satisfy your 50 points to earn this premium reduction!

1. Complete a Biometric Screening through your physician (30 points): Have your physician complete a Physician Lab Form. Visit your UMR portal to download your personalized Physician Lab Form at UMR.com and take it with you to your annual preventive exam.

2. Complete an Online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) through UMR.com (20 points):
The results of your biometric screening will be used to complete a portion of your HRA

Ready to get started? Follow the instructions below...


  1. Go to www.umr.com and Click on "Login/Register".

    Log in Screen


  2. Enter your Username and Password or Click "Register" to Create a new Account.

    Username and Password Screen


  3. If you have never logged in to UMR you will need to create a new account. You will be asked to select what type of account to create. Select "Member".

    Account Type Selection Screen


  4. Please enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Member ID, and Group Number. (Member ID and Group Number can be found on the UMR Card provided to you).

    Member Details Screen


  5. Enter your email address and phone number. Your email address can either be your SUSD email or personal email. Phone Number can be either a cell phone or home phone.

    Enter User Email and Phone Screen


  6. Create a Username and Password for your account.

    Create a username and password screen


  7. To facilitate password recovery, you are asked to select two security questions and assign them an answer. (You will be asked to answer these questions in order to reset a forgotten account password).

    Security Questions Screen


  8. You are now logged in to UMR! :)

    UMR Logged in Screen


  9. Here you can access a variety of health resources designed to help you track and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Member logged in Screen