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JANUARY 22, 2020 / MODIFIED FEB 28, 2020 10:28 AM

Laurice Clark, a teacher at Sunnyside High School, was nominated by her student, Melody, to be recognized by the Phoenix Suns as Educator of the Month for going above & beyond to help students succeed. Ms. Clark was recognized at the January 10th game in Phoenix.

When asked why Ms. Clark should be selected, Melody wrote:

“Mrs. Clark should be selected as the educator of the month because she is a reliable, trustworthy, kind, and caring teacher. She helps her students with anything they need. She goes above and beyond to see her students succeed and will advise them about opportunities they should take. She gives great advice for her students, especially if it's an opportunity for colleges and our future. She will seek her way into seeing the best in her students. She cares a lot about her students not only in their education, but also on how they feel. She does her very best of being a teacher and does not give up on her students at all. She's the type of person to see the best in everyone. She's overall been my favorite teacher and will continue to be. Mrs. Clark deserves to be the educator of the month, she's a hard-working teacher and would love to see her students thrive.”