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Tax Credit - We Need Your Help!

There are three ways you can submit your TAX CREDIT donation!

Online, By Mail, or In-Person!

Your School Tax Credits are put to good use!

Let our very own students tell you what they are used for...


We are committed to establishing an athletic program of excellence. The school believes that a dynamic program of student athletics is vital to the educational, physical and social development of the student. Athletes develop the qualities of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, responsibility and competitiveness through their sport. We strive to nurture these qualities in students because we believe that the early incorporation of these qualities translates into success as adults.

Challenger athletes need your TAX CREDITS…

The volleyball players at Challenger Middle School participate in multiple tournaments a year to build their knowledge and love of the sport. Tax Credit donations make it possible for the team to play in tournaments throughout the year, throughout the city and state. In October 2013, the volleyball team traveled to Phoenix to play in a Middle School State Volleyball tournament and tax credit donations helped pay for the hotel stay, meals, and souvenir shirts. Tax Credit donations have also made it possible for the season to be extended and help strengthen the players’ skills and the overall success of the program.

Apollo athletes need your TAX CREDITS....

"As the coach for Apollo’s ‘court sports’ of Volleyball and Basketball for both the boys and girls, I can attest as to the benefit that comes with receiving tax credit dollars. Some of the uniforms were outdated, volleyballs were of the plastic type and not of the forgiving leather that is needed for practice without injury to fingers or forearms.

With tax credit donations, team equipment can be utilized solely for honing skills in alignment with the mission statement of preparing students for high school academically and athletically. In addition. equipment that helps utilize practice time can be purchased such as an automatic rebounding device for shooting drills in basketball. Such a device can allow a student to practice up to 30 shots in a minute a vast improvement to 10 shots a minute without such a device. In volleyball a volley machine and attack rig can allow a team to practice correct three-ball rotation and spiking in ⅓ of the time by not having to shag balls around the gym.”

Apollo wrestlers need your TAX CREDITS....

Within the Sunnyside community Wrestling is the staple. It is a sport that transcends generations and is taught from an early age. This sport teaches so many life building qualities that it can turn good boys into great men. Both high schools here in our district have won State Championships and our feeder middle schools all have stable and successful programs. Apollo Middle School was one of those schools, but over time the program suffered in support.
For too many years Apollo Wrestling was not serving students in building pride and positive connection to their school. For years the team fielded teams of 4, 6, 7 wrestlers to compete. In 2014, we tried to bring Apollo wrestling back. The staff went out and recruited kids to “try” this fine sport. Many have never wrestled in their life and had no idea what was needed to compete. The coach and administration solicited funds through TAX CREDITS allowing the program to purchase shoes and wrestling gear for the program.

With the support of TAX CREDIT dollars the program has been able to instill pride once again into Apollo Wrestling. The team consisted of 20 wrestlers and some tournament champions last year. The team placed 10th at the large Flowing Wells Invitational, a first “top ten” finish in our program history.

It is middle school athletics clubs like Apollo’s wrestling program that give our students pride, focus on keeping their grades up and peer support. Will you choose to donate your TAX CREDITS to Sunnyside schools?

Performing Arts

For generations, the Sunnyside Performing Arts have been headliners for the community. The performing arts provide a connection between the performers and the audience members, bringing groups of people together that passes above all barriers of human communication straight to raw emotion. This level of connection needs to be nurtured and cherished by all. These connections provide a greater level of humanity for the students of the district. The stronger the ability of the students, the greater their humanity becomes. While the arts are a strong part of the Sunnyside community, they can be so much stronger with your support.

From Pride of Sunnyside...

The District’s high school Marching Bands travel to various festivals (friendly competitions) throughout the year where they perform for other marching band students from many different schools and receive constructive feedback from their peers and from judges. These are the festivals that determine if the bands will move to the state competition, providing a great level of pride to the students, boosting their level of self-confidence to give them a stronger perspective on life. Transporting students is only one cost. There is also the cost of music, registration fees, uniforms, food if they travel, props, and instrument repair costs. The tax credit money is used to provide all of these opportunities to the students. These opportunities enrich the lives of the students, help them develop a better understanding of the world, and drive them to be more well-rounded, tolerant, and responsible individuals.

Sent by a greatful Sunnyside Parent…

Mandy without band, was into drugs, no one to really look up to, no interest in anything. She was in band but band was not into her. Now, her life orbits around band, she loves her teacher and band geeks, when she was institutionalized [for her drug issue], all she wanted to get out for was band. She's motivated to catch up and do good in her grades so she can play in school functions like football games etc. kids love loud noise and if they can use that love of noise to something positive, I'm sure it will make a difference in a student's future.


Folklorico dancers, through their hard work and dedication, earn places in groups that travel to conferences and perform. The colorful costumes, hats, and accessories all work to enhance their performance and the overall impact made on the audience. But the beautiful and culturally rich costumes can cost a lot of money that our families don’t all have. We don’t want to preclude our students from less fortunate family circumstances from having this performing opportunity. Your Arizona Tax Credits will help buy uniforms, costumes and transportation to performing venues that give our students pride and cultural.

From Folklorico Los Amigos…

Folklorico Los Amigos (formerly from Los Ranchitos Elementary), is under the direction of Connie Fierros Salgado and Wendy Fierros. Our student performers range from kindergarten to 6th grade. In the past, we’ve grown to be a group of 150 performers. We’ve been invited to numerous events throughout the district and the Tucson area. We are grateful to be able to provide our students the opportunity to participate and not charge a fee. We rely on tax credits and grants to fund our costumes and accessories needed to perform. We pride ourselves on focusing on our traditions and culture. “Orgullosos de Nuestro Tradicion y Cultura!”

From Marachi del Desierto de Desert View…

The Tucson International Mariachi conference is a great opportunity for our students to learn directly from some of the best mariachis in the field. We have very intense workshops that run through the week then the students get a chance to perform with their ensembles at a showcase that is streamed live; They have a chance to win scholarship money or simply just show off the music they have been working on this year. It is also a great way for students to get to meet other students their age from all across the country and Mexico with the same love and passion for this culturally enriching music. The cost for this conference is about $120 per student and our schools have been giving between 15-20 students this opportunity each year… so yes it gets a little pricey but our teachers and students feel it is worth every penny. Mariachi and Folklorico is also a very beautiful spectacle. A mariachi suit (Traje) starts at about $300. Desert View Mariachis have been using the “Trajes” that were purchased by Mr. Rojas and we have been very lucky in that we have had enough to suit up a performing group. However, it looks like we will need to purchase a few more this year and we always looking for instruments which of course can be very expensive.


Years of research show that the performing arts are closely linked to almost everything that we as a nation say we want for our children and demand from our schools: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity. Involvement in the performing arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Performing arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. The arts can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing, creating the foundation to forge social bonds and community cohesion. And strong performing arts programs in schools helps close a gap that has left many a child behind.

Hear it first hand from Sunnyside...

Students who participate in the musical arts participate in events around Tucson and the state, traveling to work with great clinicians through All-Region, All-State, and other festivals throughout the year. During these events, the students travel and meet with other music students throughout the area, coming together with other students who want to share their love and drive for music. These musicians, who go through a rigorous audition process, come together in two or three days and put on phenomenal concerts after working with world class clinicians, learning lessons they not only take back to their school, but carry with them throughout their lives.


There are now TEN weeks from today to December 31, at which time the Arizona Tax Credits window of for donations in the 2014 tax year will close. The Sunnyside District has many sports, clubs, unique activities that serve thousands of our students. These Tax Credit qualified student clubs need your help. This week we will be spotlighting our High School Athletics needs for Arizona TAX CREDITS.

High school athletics clubs like Desert View’s wrestling program that give our students pride, focus on keeping their grades up and peer support. Will you choose to donate your TAX CREDITS to Sunnyside schools?

ATHLETICS SUPPORT THE ACADEMIC MISSION OF SCHOOLS. They are not a diversion, but rather an extension of a good educational program. Students who participate in athletic programs tend to have higher grade-point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and fewer discipline problems than students generally.

ATHLETICS ARE INHERENTLY EDUCATIONAL. Athletic programs provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in athletic programs, students learn teamwork, sportsmanship, winning and losing, the rewards of hard work, self-discipline, build self-confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. These are qualities the public expects schools to produce in students so they become responsible adults and productive citizens.

ATHLETICS FOSTER SUCCESS IN LATER LIFE. Participation in high school athletics is often a predictor of later success - in college, a career, and becoming a contributing member of society.

Sunnyside Girls Tennis Need your TAX CREDITS…

Girls Tennis teams need Tax Credit money to send young ladies to summer tennis camps. Both Ema Hernandez, 2013 Sunnyside High School graduate, who received a tennis scholarship to Pima Community College; and Melissa Lugo, 2014 Sunnyside High School graduate who received a scholarship to Paradise Valley Community College (Phoenix), were aided in their tennis development by the use of Tax Credit money to pay for the tennis camps. Sunnyside has two more young ladies who have the potential to play tennis in college who could benefit from summer tennis camps!

Desert View Wrestling is in need of your TAX CREDITS....

Tax credits are vital for the development and success of our student/athletes. DVHS Wrestling Program benefits from your tax credit dollars by being able to provide resources and opportunities for students to obtain a secondary education. Tax credits are used on eligible student/athletes for SAT/ACT fees, tournament fees, travel expenses, and camps/clinics which provide necessary exposure to college recruiters. Without tax-credit it is very challenging to create these types of opportunities for the student/athletes. DESERT VIEW WRESTLING NEEDS YOUR AZ TAX CREDITS TODAY!!!

If you ask another person in the room, chances are they participated in athletics. Here in the Sunnyside District, we have thousands of students benefiting from their participating in an athletics program. In our high schools, we have Football, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Softball, Wrestling, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis, Baseball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Volleyball, Girls Volleyball, Girls Track, Boys golf, Girls Golf, Boys & Girls Cross country/Track, JV and Variety Cheer, Boys & Girls Swimming.

The Sunnyside Boys Basketball program uses tax credit donations for several different types of needs (tournament fees, equipment, uniforms, hotel fees, etc). The tax credit donations are a great resource that helps supplement our fundraising efforts and yearly budget.

Cross Country for Girls and Boys at Sunnyside are in dire need of Tax Credit money as the program has almost doubled in size since last year. Last year there were 14 students who participated and competed on behalf of their school and the District, this year that number is now 26. As the program increases in the number of students participating and families benefiting from the success and pride of the program, the expenses for uniforms, shoes, and other critical needs also increase.

Whether it is cross country, basketball, volleyball or football, students can enjoy a sense of pride and team success in all athletics when the program is supported by your Tax Credits!

Student Leadership

In the Sunnyside District, student leadership comes in all grade levels. Developing leadership skills such as self-confidence, humility, Core self-evaluation (self-esteem), trustworthiness, authenticity, extraversion (outgoing demeanor), assertiveness, enthusiasm-optimism-warmth, sense of humor, passion, and emotional intelligence are just a few of the qualities our programs strive to encourage in our students. ARIZONA TAX CREDITS provide the right environment and tools for these clubs to meet the needs of our students and propel them beyond graduation to a life and career that includes strong leadership in our community, in the State and even at the National level. Our student leaders need your ARIZONA TAX CREDITS today!

Challenger's "We The People Club" need your TAX CREDITS…

Challenger Middle School will once again be attending the forthcoming We the People Mock Congressional Hearing Invitational slated for April 17-20 in Washington D.C. at George Mason University. Our students are anxious to demonstrate their mastery of Civics, American History, knowledge of landmark Supreme Court cases and their ability to make connections to current day events . Tucson has been incredibly generous with their tax credit donations and once again we will need to ask for the same support in fulfilling the dreams of Sunnyside’s best and brightest in acquiring first place in this year’s Invitational. Parents and students alike have voiced their support for the program that teaches the most valuable information students will learn, that being the rights and responsibilities of citizen’s and knowledge of the machinations of our government. So, on behalf of our parents and children allow be to thank you for your past and future support of an amazing program.

Special Needs

Our Special Needs students make up about 14% of the Sunnyside Unified School District student population. We strive to give our Special Needs students the same opportunities to be successful in life and reach their goals for graduation and lifelong learning. Your AZ TAX CREDITS will help our students with unique opportunities for learning in an environment that is rich in unique visual and physical activities, engaging of their special needs and supportive of their families as our students grow to be productive citizens in our community. Special learning tools and programs like TROT, Special Olympics and transportation for field trips all support our Special needs students.

Student participation in the SunnyVail Leadership Conference is one of those Special Learning opportunities that needs AZ TAX CREDIT donations. AZ TAX CREDITS can pay for students to attend the Leadership Conference held each spring semester for the benefit of students with learning disabilities. Community support via these donations is vital to our success in funding the Leadership Conference. The benefit to our contributors, who back this project, is the influx of better prepared graduates who join our local community workforce each year and the ongoing recognition given by our school to these generous supporters.

Approximately 250 Special Education students from multiple school districts including Sunnyside and Vail attend an all-day leadership conference each year in the Spring. Students actively participate in the all-day sponsored event which includes an inspirational keynote speaker, lunch, 21 breakout sessions, and a closing speaker. Sessions are hosted by local businesses who talk about their business operations and the possible career fields open to graduating high school and college students. Community leaders also host sessions to offer the students guidance in the skills, preparation, and tools necessary to locate, interview, and secure employment or transition into college after graduation.

To attend this conference, students are required to pay a small portion of the conference cost ($55 per child), dress professionally and behave appropriately in an adult setting. They learn about career paths, job readiness, and interviewing techniques. Students also learn social skills by mingling with others from different schools across the city. By the end of the conference, the students have been exposed to mentors, as well as employment opportunities available within the local community and abroad.

Student Clubs

Innercity Outings is a great example of what clubs provide for our students. Innercity Outings provides safe and fun wilderness trips for youth with limited access to the outdoors. Many of our students do not have access on their own to safely discover the wonders of the natural world. With AZ TAX CREDITS, our students can have an opportunity to see such places as Mt. Lemon, Madera Canyon or Catalina State Park.
Student Tech Teams are learning about servicing computers and helping students and adults when they have digital challenges. Our schools are rich with technology as is our world. When our Tech Team students learn how solve technology problems they are able to carry those same critical thinking skills into their academic problem-solving and strategies for learning.
These are just a few of the student clubs that need your help to get the tools and supplies, transportation, registration fees they need to support our students. See what our student leaders and educators have to say! Check out the video above.

  • Kiwanis Sierra Builders Club
  • Literacy Council
  • Innercity Outings
  • Kindness Club
  • Tech Team
  • The Factory Sports Conditioning
  • Afterschool Arts Club
  • 21st Century Club
  • Ben's Bells - Kind Campus
  • Roots and Shoots
  • Yearbook