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AUGUST 16, 2019 / MODIFIED OCT 11, 2019 10:55 AM

Please take a moment to congratulate our Star Teacher and Pride of Sunnyside honorees.

The annual event was created to recognize the valuable contributions of teachers and staff. Schools select a Star Teacher and one out-of-classroom employee to represent the Pride of Sunnyside. They are honored as they reflect the finest qualities: Caring, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for excellence in serving our students, families and colleagues. 

Click here to view photos from the event.


The 2019 honorees are:

Apollo Middle School                    Kathy Mayorga (Star Teacher), Abigail Murrieta (Pride)

B.L. Lauffer Middle School            Ricardo Garcia (Star Teacher), Francisco Lopez (Pride)

Challenger Middle School             Nancy Price (Star Teacher), Ruben Pacheco (Pride)

Craycroft Elementary                   Essence Calhoun (Star Teacher), Nina Rivera Barela (Pride)

Desert View High School              Hector Reyes (Star Teacher), Yessica Sehm (Pride)

Drexel Elementary                        Ednna Peralta (Star Teacher), Estevan Macias (Pride)

Elvira Elementary                         Nicole Handorf (Star Teacher), Edith Corrales (Pride)

Esperanza Elementary                  Yvette Laplander (Star Teacher), Lupita Ornelas (Pride)

Gallego Primary Fine Arts             Lauren Gerstad (Star Teacher), Karla Gil (Pride)

Gallego Intermediate Fine Arts     Mark Zepezauer (Star Teacher), Claudia Newsome (Pride)

Liberty Elementary                       Rosa Watson (Star Teacher), Norma Mazon (Pride)

Los Amigos Tech Academy            Melissa Soto (Star Teacher), Julian Figueroa (Pride)

Los Niños Elementary                   Elizabeth Stevens (Star Teacher), Kimberly Brancatelli (Pride)

Mission Manor Elementary           Lourdes Garino (Star Teacher), Alfred Gomez (Pride)

Ocotillo Learning Center               Deborah Eisen (Star Teacher), Lianna Castillo (Pride)

Rivera Elementary                        Virginia Wheeler (Star Teacher), Alexis Urquides (Pride)

Santa Clara Elementary                Lizbet Barrios (Star Teacher), Theresa Saltzman (Pride)

Sierra 2-8 School                         Stacy Eilander (Star Teacher), Sarah Valencia (Pride)

Star Academic High School           Monica Neice (Star Teacher), Dolores Ruelas (Pride)

Summit View Elementary             Monique Leon (Star Teacher), Melanie Martinez (Pride)

Sunnyside High School                 Melany Coates (Star Teacher), Stephanie Arnold (Pride)

Central Office                               Bernadette Martin (Pride)

Food Services                               Martha Flores (Pride)

Maintenance                                Steve Olivas (Pride)

Transportation                             Guillermo Aldana (Pride)