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Teacher One to One Laptop Initiative


In 2010, all certified staff in the Sunnyside Unified School district received a Lenovo laptop, classroom teachers received a tablet, and certified staff received an ultra portable thinkpad. The deliberate and direct inclusion of teachers, administrators, and certified staff in one of the first and largest technology adoptions ever embarked on in the district implies that, while teachers are responsible for a vast variety of aspects to investing and educating today’s child, as a district we must also invest in their broadening role within the classroom.

Infrastructure and Policy
Bridging the gap for teachers means including them in the process of transformation. As Sunnyside Unified School District continues to make large strides for systemic change, we are embarking on a large scale One to One teacher laptop adoption in the coming semester. To address the hardware needs of teachers, is paramount to sparking immediate interest and change in classroom instruction.

Professional Development
Intel Teach, Atomic Learning, Lenovo/IBM and One to One learning will all play an integral role in third party assistance in professional development with large scale implementations of classroom technology. Through these partnerships, it SUSD’s hope that each site will host a train the trainer model of professional development , just in time responses to learning moments, while encompassing some of the our greatest assets for instructions; students as teachers.