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All Sunnyside District schools have full-time art teachers, counselors, music teachers, librarians, parent involvement assistants, physical education teachers, registered nurses and safety monitors. Of the district’s 1,000+ classroom teachers, 95 percent meet the Arizona Department of Education’s criteria as “highly qualified.” Additionally, all Sunnyside schools have achieved North Central Association accreditation. Each of our schools has a distinct personality. Check us out!

High School Freshman Academy

Freshman Academy | A School Within a School. We provide a team of five teachers dedicated to giving your freshman student personalized support and an exceptional learning experience as they begin their four-year journey towards graduation and college or career. Sunnyside Unified School District has developed strong Freshman Academies in both Desert View High School and Sunnyside High School to ensure the success of each student entering that specific high school. Our students don't just have one teacher they have a whole team of teachers providing individualized support throughout their freshman experience.

Preschool/Early Childhood Education

Ocotillo Early Learning Center | 545-3670 – A high quality, developmentally appropriape childhood center serving children ages birth to five of all abilities in an inclusive, nurturing, stimulating environment. Programs include Title I preschool, early childhood special education, and our fee-based program (fees are adjustable based on DES eligibility). Magnet Schools Free transportation for students up to 10 miles outside of district boundaries.

Online Success Academy

Online Success Academy | 545-2300 – The Academy ​was designed to address the needs of students who learn best in non-traditional ways, need more time with course content, or choose not to attend regular school. We believe all students deserve a first-rate education, and feel that online programs provide students with a full range of learning experiences.

School phone Address
Craycroft Elementary School 520-545-2600 5455 East Littletown Road
Drexel Elementary School 520-545-2700 801 E. Drexel Rd.
Elvira Elementary School 520-545-2800 250 W. Elvira Rd.
Esperanza Elementary School 520-545-2900 2353 E. Bantam Rd.
Gallego Basic Elementary School 520-545-3000 6200 S. Hemisphere Place
Liberty Gifted & Talented Elementary 520-545-3100 5495 S. Liberty Ave.
Los Amigos Technology Academy 520-545-3200 2200 E. Drexel Rd.
Los Niños Elementary School 520-545-3300 5445 S. Alvernon Way
Mission Manor Elementary School 520-545-3500 600 W. Santa Rosa St.
Rosemarie Rivera Elementary School 520-545-3900 5102 S. Cherry Ave.
Santa Clara Elementary School 520-545-3700 6910 S. Santa Clara Ave.
Summit View Elementary School 520-545-3800 1900 E. Summit St.
Apollo Middle School 520-545-4500 265 West Nebraska Street
Billy Lane Lauffer Middle School 520-545-4900 5385 E. Littletown Rd.
Challenger Middle School 520-545-4600 100 E. Elvira Rd.
Gallego Intermediate 520-545-4700 3700 E. Alvord Rd.
Sierra 2-8 School 520-545-4800 5801 S. Del Moral Blvd.
Desert View High School 520-545-5100 4101 E. Valencia Rd.
Sunnyside High School 520-545-5300 1725 E. Bilby Rd.
S.T.A.R. Academic Center 520-545-2300 5093 S. Liberty Ave.