Sunnyside ParentLink

Sunnyside Parent Link
Check your children’s attendance, homework and grades online

Internet for Families

Internet for Families
Provides low-cost Internet access to qualified families

Parent Programs
College Academy
  for Parents

Family Literacy
Parents as

Site Councils
Teenage Parent
  Program (TAPP)

Parent Involvement Assistants

Parent Involvement Assistants
PIA’s serve as a parent’s personal link to the school

District Parent Council

District Parent Council
Monthly meetings with Superintendent

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Parent Engagement

Success in school starts at home. The Sunnyside Unified School District recognizes the importance of effective partnerships between the school and families and strives to welcome, inform and engage parents believing that parent involvement is critical to students’ academic achievement.


Student Accident Insurance Sunnyside School District assumes no financial responsibility for medical cost resulting from an accident occuring to a student while they are at school. For this reason the district feels it is important that parents/guardians consider purchasing accident coverage for their student. Use the provided links below to help in deciding what coverage (provided through K&K) is best for your student. Parents may also obtain information by visiting K & K’s website directly at Coverage or claim assistance questions may be answered by calling: 1-855-742-3135, Monday thru Friday 8am - 5pm (EDT).

Sunnyside ParentLink Check your children’s attendance, homework and grades online. It provides timely information about school and district activities, as well as notification in the event of an emergency.

Parent Involvement Assistant (PIA) PIA’s serve as a parent’s personal link to the school.

District Parent Council Monthly meetings with the superintendent of the Sunnyside District for parent involvement assistants (PIA’s) and parent-teacher group presidents.

Internet for Families Provides low-cost Internet access to qualified district families.

One-to-One Parent Creating a supportive learning environment at home.

Parents as Teachers Parents as Teachers Program serves, families beginning prenatally until their child enters Kindergarten, with the emphasis that ‘parents are the first and most important teacher.'

Family Support Services

School Site Councils Every school has a site council composed of students, parents and educators, which is responsible for making recommendations to support school improvement and providing local leadership and representation in the school decision-making process.

PTO, PTA, PTG Parent-Teacher Organization, Parent-Teacher Association, Parent-Teacher Group. Check with your school to see which is offered.

Family Literacy This program for parents offers English as a Second Language and career preparation classes, information on student learning and volunteer opportunities.

Free English language classes for parents The Valencia Public Library in partnership with Literacy Volunteers of Tucson is offering a free program to adults who want to learn how to speak, read, and write English. Visit the library website for more information.

College Academy for Parents (CAP) CAP is offered in partnership with the University of Arizona, CAP provides a series of workshops for parents of elementary students on study skills, college preparation and financial aid. Camp College offers related workshops for students.

Project College Bound College prep workshops for high school juniors and parents.

Coats for Kids is a resource that offers coats (and other winter garments) to any student from Preschool through High School within the Sunnyside District free of charge.