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Magnet Schools

New! Three elementary magnet schools in 2011-2012

The Sunnyside District will provide free transportation for students up to 10 miles outside of district boundaries.

Gifted and Talented

Liberty Gifted & Talented Elementary School

  • Enrollment based on 9th stanine standing
  • Full day, five days a week
  • Neighborhood enrollment included
  • 2011: Gifted and Talented self-contained classes

    grades 3 –5
  • 2012: Add grades K–2

Gallego Basic Elementary School

  • Expansion of a successful school
  • Enroll students currently on a waiting list
  • Increase enrollment of grades K–2
  • No additional transportation costs
  • Long-range plan to design middle school continuation of basic school curriculum
Technology Academy

Los Amigos Elementary Technology Academy

  • One-to-One computing grades 3–5
  • Two-to-one computing grades K-2
  • Tablet computer labs for Early Childhood programs
  • Optimized school environment for student-centric learning through technology