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Homework Policy

Each student should leave the Sunnyside Unified School District with a firm foundation for pursuing knowledge and developing skills on an independent basis. Homework is an essential component to reach this goal. Homework serves to develop individual study skills and responsibility while reinforcing skills and concepts.

Homework is defined as specific tasks assigned by teachers to be completed on non-school hours. The purpose of homework may be practice, preparation and/or the extension of instructional objectives aligned to curriculum. Homework assigned will be at a level that students can complete independently whether done at home, a library or other educational settings.

Homework is a cost-effective instructional technique. It can have positive effects on achievement and character development and can serve as a vital link between the school and family. Homework communicates to parents the nature of the learning activity in which the student is involved and provides an opportunity for dialogue and interaction between parent and child.

Although homework is mandatory at all grade levels, some student choice is encouraged within individual assignments.

Weekly frequency and duration of required assignments:

  • Kindergarten minimum two 15-minute assignments
  • Grades 1-2 minimum three 15-minute assignments
  • Grades 3-5 minimum three 30-minute assignments
  • Grades 6-8 minimum three 45-minute assignments
  • (to be determined by school faculty with consideration for the transition from the minimum requirement at middle schools to the minimum requirement at high schools)

  • Grades 9-12 minimum eight hours per week
    (to be determined by school faculty)

The expectation is that all students will complete homework assignments. Homework activities may include: reading, reinforcement of skills, special projects and/or research. Homework will be monitored and feedback will be given promptly. Each school site will develop a plan that addresses this policy and outlines the consequences for students failing to complete homework.