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Steve HolmesThank you for allowing us to be part of your children’s lives and your family’s history. We appreciate the trust you have in our teachers and schools and take very seriously our responsibility to provide high quality education that helps all students reach their full potential. The new year promises to be a time of exciting and fulfilling work for us that will build on the innovations we have implemented here in the Sunnyside District.

With the approval of an $88 million bond on Nov. 8, 2011, Sunnyside voters heralded in a new era of community support for Sunnyside District students and schools. Greater than any previous funding initiative ever set before the voters, the new bond has provided crucial support for taking Sunnyside into the 21st century. With this investment, we will see a new K-8 fine arts magnet school become a reality for our students and community—we will be able to renovate Chaparral Middle School into a state-of-the-art marvel of 21st century innovation, technology and creativity. The success of the bond also made possible a much needed refresh of the district’s transportation fleet with air conditioning in all buses and newly integrated technologies such as GPS, wireless connectivity for student laptops and student digital ID tracking capabilities. The bond funds allow for the continuation and expansion of Sunnyside’s technology initiatives, upgrades to athletic facilities, and renovation of school buildings throughout the district.

Support for the Sunnyside District is strong because the community can see the dramatic results of our initiatives: academic achievement continues to rise, as demonstrated by performance on standardized tests, increasing enrollment in Advanced Placement courses and increases in college enrollment by our graduates; graduation numbers have risen from 505 in 2007 to 887 in 2012; this fall there will be approximately 15,000 personal computers in our schools that have been assigned to students grades 4 through 12 with our One-to-One Computing initiative.

The Sunnyside District has established and nurtured opportunities for the whole family to engage in teaching and learning. Sunnyside is leading the transformation of our community and setting the standard of having all students graduate from high school “tech-savvy and college-ready.” With the historical passage of an $88 million bond, the community has voiced its support for Sunnyside’s vision and the direction it is taking to transform the community through technology. Sunnyside has truly begun a new era of achievement, student success and community development. Thank you for your continuing partnership to give our children the knowledge, skills and opportunities to fulfill their potential and achieve success.

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