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Serving Unique Needs (SUN) Gifted Program

Sharon Hooker

520-545-3016 Fax

6200 S. Hemisphere Pl.
Tucson, AZ 85706
United States

Gifted and talented students in grades K-12 shall be educated in a differentiated manner, with programming, pacing, and instructional methods adapted to their unique needs and talents.

This is the 30th year of serving students under the S.U.N. (Serving Unique Needs) Program banner, and we celebrate the growth of services over the years and the many wonderful students with whom we have worked this year!

To learn about the goals and service delivery models for the District, choose a link or you may contact us via e-mail by clicking on the Contact: e-mail link above or you may call our secretary, Melanie Chacon, at 545-3021.

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