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Our Mission
The mission of Curriculum and Instruction is to accelerate gains in student performance, to maximize student achievement, and eliminate achievement gaps by providing a systemic approach to instruction for all schools. Collectively, we will identify priorities, build capacity, and encourage effective instruction while supporting individualized student needs. We honor each community member by providing opportunities and experiences to extend and enrich individual potential. Through continuous interactions and open dialogue we will be a proud and successful learning community.

We identify practices that will ensure success of our mission:

High expectations and strong support
As a Professional Learning Community we will review available data, construct SMART goals, and implement sound instructional practices with continuous reflection and feedback for all participants.

  • To support curriculum needs across the district, throughout each school.
  • To recognize all members of this community as instructional leaders.

Coherent curriculum
As a Professional Leaning Community we will continue to support coaches, facilitators and administrators in developing and implementing curriculum maps that inform and support a coherent curriculum which addresses and prioritizes performance objectives, identifies linking objectives, and includes clustered objectives.

  • Support implementation of Blue Print
  • Follow-up with K-5 Indicators and SMART goals.
    - Attendance-95% or better
    - Retentions-decrease by 40%
    - Literacy-increasing number of benchmark students by 20-30% each year.
    - Reading on grade level- 85% of  6th and 8th grade students reading at level  my May 2009.
  • Supporting Language of Instruction in all areas
    - Conduct monthly classroom walk-throughs and complete dashboards to review with site administrators and leadership teams. 

Effective instruction
Support instruction that leads to computational fluency, transferability, and depth of understanding. Commitment to research-based instruction.

  • Schedule/organize Administrator mtgs.
  • Assist in providing quality staff development
  • Discuss “dashboards” from monthly walk-throughs
  • Conduct/ organize system to continue to be updated on research-based best practices, programs and material 

Elements of RTOP model (modified - Reformed Teacher Observation Protocol)

  • Ensure consistent practices in conducting walk-throughs and the use of observation protocols. 

Evidence of learning

  • Support the use of multiple assessments driving curriculum with informative feedback for all
  • Support the opportunity for students to demonstrate knowledge through portfolios, exhibitions, presentations, demonstrations, assignments, conversations, etc.

Informative assessments for all

  • Provide support and efficiency in district implementation of on going formative and summative assessments
  • Provide support and efficiency in ensuring timeliness, ensure multiple assessments are driving instruction

Access to technology

  • Support Integration of technology as appropriate as students are prepared for post-secondary education and productive work experiences

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