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The Culture of Mathematics

“Go down deep into anything and you will find mathematics.”

Dean Schlicter


Mathematics has beauties of its own – a symmetry and proportion in its results,  a lack of superfluity, an exact adaptation of means to ends, which is exceedingly remarkable and to be found only in the works of the greatest beauty. When this subject is properly … presented, the mental emotion should be that of enjoyment of beauty, not that of repulsion from the ugly and the unpleasant.

Young, J. W. A.


Mathematics is defined; simply, as the study of patterns and our role as educators and mathematicians is simply to guide our students through the discovery of those patterns.

Phonemic Awareness is to Reading as
Number/Symbol Recognition is to Mathematics.
Phonics is to Reading as Number Sense is to Mathematics.
Vocabulary is to Reading as Vocabulary is to Mathematics.
Fluency is to Reading as Automaticity is to Mathematics.
Comprehension is to Reading as Conceptual Knowledge is to Mathematics.

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