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The Sunnyside Family Resource and Wellness Centers (FRWCs) provide educational, medical, mental health, recreational and social services to Sunnyside children, adults and families in order to promote healthy lives and remove barriers to success. Our Main Center is at the Multi-Educational Learning Center (MELC) close to Irvington and Liberty. Our Center at Summit View Elementary serves our southernmost residents. All services are available in both English and Spanish and are free of charge. Our staff includes: District Coordinator, Summit View Center Coordinator, Community Liaison, three Counselors, and the FRWC Secretary.

The Sunnyside Unified School District has a proud partnership with El Rio Health Center ( in order to provide school-based pediatric clinics at the Family Resource & Wellness Centers at the MELC and Summit View sites. El Rio is a community leader in health services, and has provided a team of support and clinical staff for our community's children. Please call MELC Clinic at 545-2302 or Summit View Clinic at 545-3860 for more information.

  • Funding for FRWCs comes from: Sunnyside Unified School District, Title I, United Way and grants from education, human service, mental health and prevention sources, both public and private.
  • The Sunnyside FRWC staff serves all 20 schools in the District in addition to all individuals residing within the 85706 zip code area. Though services are available to the entire community, special focus is placed on SUSD students and families.
  • Sunnyside FRWCs utilize a direct-service model. Emphasis is placed on individual needs and developing appropriate plans for each client in a timely manner. Advocacy is a consistent part of consumer involvement. The goal of FRWCs is to remove barriers to success by facilitating the delivery of medical, mental health, social, recreational and educational services. Whatever our Center cannot provide directly, we will assist individuals and families to receive those services elsewhere.
  • FRWC staff participate in continuing education and professional development pertinent to human service professionals with extensive training in parent education and support, mental health and addictions treatment, cultural diversity, women's issues, domestic violence, suicide and crisis intervention, community resources and current policies, to name a few.
  • Sunnyside FRWCs have established solid relationships with schools and programs within the Sunnyside district. Principals, teachers, counselors, parent involvement assistants (PIAs) and District nurses communicate freely with FRWC staff. The FRWC also works with Special Education, Social Services, Prevention, Parents as Teachers, and Native American Education. The FRWC District Coordinator works with the Assistant Superintendent of Student Services to coordinate school-based counseling through community providers. FRWCs also provide counseling to students with long-term suspensions (Suspension Abeyance) in order to return students to the classroom. Native American Education Advisors frequently work with FRWC staff to ensure that appropriate resources are explored for our Native American students and their families. These are only selected examples of how FRWCs collaborate with other District programs.
  • Sunnyside FRWCs also work outside of the District within networks of community providers, both public and private. We collaborate with TUSD, Flowing Wells, Amphitheater and Marana school districts through our greater Tucson FRWC project. The District Coordinator and Community Liaison serve on a number of committees representing a variety of community and social services concerns. Sunnyside FRWCs currently and formerly have had working relationships with community providers like: Our Town, Child and Family Resources, Inc., Jewish Family & Children Services, City of Tucson Parks and Recreation, Pima County Parks and Recreation, Pima County Juvenile Court, El Pueblo Neighborhood Center, Pima County Health Department (both Public Health Nursing and Community Nutrition Divisions), Pima Community College-Desert Vista Campus and the Community Partnership of Southern Arizona (CPSA). This is only a partial list of agencies and organizations with which our Center has established working relationships. These collaborations benefit Sunnyside area residents.

For further information regarding Sunnyside Family Resource and Wellness Centers: please call (520) 545-2322 or use the email form to send your request online.

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