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District staff directory

This searchable directory includes staff members who are listed on the SUSD website. For staff members not on this list please contact the school or department.

This searchable directory includes staff members who are listed on the SUSD website. For staff members not on this list please contact the school or department.

You may filter this list by selecting a department from the dropdown menu or by entering the last name of the district member you wish to contact.

Last name First name Job title Site/School Phone Staff Email
Abeyta Helen L. Registrar Desert View N/A
Abeyta Jenice N. Teacher N/A N/A
Acedo Jr. Carlos F. School Bus Driver N/A N/A
Acevedo Deserae Y. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd Challenger N/A
Acker Deborah S. Teacher B.L. Lauffer N/A
Acosta Maria Isabel H. School Bus Driver Transportation N/A
Acosta Mary C. Teacher Administration N/A
Acosta Olga M. Campus Monitor Sunnyside N/A
Acosta Roberto M. Teacher Esperanza N/A
Acosta Miranda Viviana D. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd N/A N/A
Acton James Teacher Sunnyside N/A
Acuna Luz A. Instructional Tech Coach Mission Manor N/A
Adams Nancy A. Teacher N/A N/A
Adkins Richard J. Teacher Los Amigos N/A
Aguilar Blas Parent Involvement Assistant Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Aguilar Rosa M. School Bus Driver Transportation N/A
Aguirre Maria C. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd N/A N/A
Aguirre Martha E. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd Sunnyside N/A
Ahumada David A. Teacher Sunnyside N/A
Ahumada Laurie J. Teacher Los Ninos N/A
Al-Rijab Haitham J. Teacher Desert View N/A
Alarcon Mary Payroll Specialist Administration 545-2047
Alberding Mary A. Teacher B.L. Lauffer N/A
Alcantar Alberto C. Lead Custodian Los Amigos N/A
Alcantar Louise L. Custodian Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Alcantara Oscar R. Instructional Coach Challenger N/A
Alcorta Patricia G. Intervention Assistant Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Alcoverde Marla V. Office Assistant Summit View N/A
Aldana Guillermo A. School Bus Driver Transportation N/A
Alday Brian M. Teacher Sunnyside N/A
Aldrich Mallory A. Teacher Desert View N/A
Aleccia Laura A. Teacher Sunnyside Freshman Academy N/A
Alexander Sharon R. Program Facilitator Rivera N/A
Alfaro Lorraine D. Teacher Mission Manor N/A
Allen Emily B. Teacher Summit View N/A
Almanza Dora C. Teacher Associate - H STAR N/A
Altamirano Rosemary P. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd N/A N/A
Alvarado Alma G. Parent Engagement Coordinator Ocotillo Early Learning Center 545-3659
Alvarado Myrna D. Teacher Sunnyside N/A
Alvarado Sonya M. Teacher Elvira N/A
Alvarado Tania F. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd Desert View N/A
Alvarez Dina L. Teacher Santa Clara N/A
Alvarez Erica K. Office Assistant Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Alvarez Felipe Crossing Guard N/A N/A
Alvarez Josephine Academic Interventionist N/A N/A
Alvarez Patricia Instructional Care Asst-SpEd N/A N/A
Alvarez Rafael P. Campus Monitor Apollo N/A
Alvarez Sally S. Secretary N/A N/A
Alvarez Sandra W. Instructional Tech Coach Santa Clara N/A
Alvidrez Veronica V. Parent Involvement Assistant Los Amigos N/A
Amador Monica Program Facilitator Craycroft N/A
Amavisca Myrna P. Child Development Assistant Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Amaya Gisel M. Psychologist Sierra N/A
Amaya Sandra A. Head Custodian N/A N/A
Ambrose Christine Teacher Summit View N/A
Anaya Arturo A. Groundskeeper N/A N/A
Anderson Arletta B. Teacher N/A N/A
Anderson Scott C. Teacher B.L. Lauffer N/A
Andrade Maria J. Accounting Specialist Administration 545-2035
Andrade Christian A. Campus Monitor N/A N/A
Andrade Nellie S. Teacher Mission Manor N/A
Anglen Jaime L. Teacher N/A N/A
Anglen Richard B. Teacher Desert View N/A
Anguamea Marcelo V. Teacher Sierra N/A
Anguiano Elizabeth H. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd Esperanza N/A
Anthony Laura Teacher Sierra N/A
Aparicio Manuel M. Crossing Guard N/A N/A
Applegate Loree B. Instructional Care Asst-SpEd Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Aquino Cecilia C. Accounting Clerk Administration 545-2044
Araiza Hector J. Teacher Liberty N/A
Araiza Zelika R. Teacher Sunnyside N/A
Araque Isela Attendance Clerk Sunnyside N/A
Araujo Edna Carolina Teacher Los Amigos N/A
Archer Theresa Nurse Desert View High School 545-5140
Arenas Lori A. School Bus Driver Transportation N/A
Arevalo Jassiel Automotive/Bus Mechanic N/A N/A
Arguelles Hadasa Instructional Care Asst-SpEd N/A N/A
Arguelles Maria V. Custodian N/A N/A
Arias Enzo R. Academic Interventionist B.L. Lauffer N/A
Arias Nora P. Parent Involvement Assistant Craycroft N/A
Arias Susan Accounting Clerk Desert View N/A
Armendariz Guadalupe C. Teacher Santa Clara N/A
Armenta Susanna R. Teacher Santa Clara N/A
Arnold Patricia A. Teacher Rivera N/A
Arnold Stephanie N. Counselor Sierra N/A
Arrenholz Gail L. Nurse Liberty Elementary School 545-3111
Arroyos Kristi M. Instructional Assistant Ocotillo Preschool N/A
Arvayo Celia Instructional Care Asst-SpEd Challenger N/A
Arvayo Natasha Teacher Desert View Freshman Academy N/A
Arvizu Ericca E. Teacher Apollo N/A
Arvizu John Campus Monitor N/A N/A
Arvizu Tina Office Assistant Gallego N/A
Arvold Elizabeth M. Teacher Elvira N/A
Ash Veronica Teacher Gallego N/A
Atkins Melinda Teacher Summit View N/A
Atondo Sergio Q. Crossing Guard N/A N/A
Atwell Nanette Teacher Gallego N/A
Audelo Guadalupe Crossing Guard N/A N/A
Ault Kelly A. Teacher Challenger N/A
Austin Maria L. Teacher Summit View N/A