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Digital Scholars | College Readiness


Sunnyside District Digital Scholars earn a netbook computer by achieving goals in the Four A’s of Academics, Attendance, school Activity and Attitude. However, being named a Digital Scholar is a great honor as well. The Sunnyside District recognizes Digital Scholars as being on track to enter into and succeed in college upon graduation from high school. Therefore, a comprehensive college preparation program has been designed specifically for Digital Scholars.


Quick facts:

  • 9th-grade Digital Scholars are enrolled in 3 digital honors classes every day
    English, Biology & Algebra/Geometry
  • 257 netbook computers were earned by students
  • 250 netbooks were purchased with district funds as loaners for students in honors classes who did not earn them

In the 2008-09 school year, 339 students received free laptops by meeting this criteria. In 2009-2010 more than 100 students were awarded laptops at the Digital Scholars Celebration held April 20 at the AVA Amphitheater at Casino del Sol.

View the presentation outlining the goals and scope and sequence of opportunities available to Digital Scholars throughout their high school years in the district: 

Digital Scholars College Readiness (PDF)
College Readiness Brochure (PDF)
Digital Scholars 5 Pillars (PDF)

Digital Scholars Program Objective: Identify Digital Scholars before high school in order to promote a comprehensive college readiness program
  • Students identified in 8th-grade with GPA ≥ 3.0 & attendance ≥ 95% will earn personal netbook computers on first day of high school
  • Digital Scholars targeted for college focused ECCAPP and honors diploma program
  • College Readiness marketing campaign
Digital Learning Opportunities Objective: Use technology as a tool to transform learning and teach 21st century skills
  • Establish embedded “Digital Classes” in high schools
  • Provide Digital Scholars opportunities to take online courses for high school and/or college credit and comprehensive test preparation
College Prep Summer Experiences Objective: Provide college preparation programs for Digital Scholars during the summer
  • Digital Scholars will have a continuum of summer academic offerings aligned with each grade
  • Summer courses will be designed to increase student preparation for college admissions and decrease the amount of remedial courses taken upon matriculation
Pathway to College Matriculation Objective: Digital Scholars and families will participate in activities to prepare them for college matriculation
  • “College cohorts” will be established with college programming and campus visits to AZ colleges
  • Students will be enrolled in test prep workshops and EPAS® system of the ACT
  • Sunnyside College Promise will be aligned to the UA Arizona Assurance program

Tech support for Digital Advantage students and Digital Scholars
Visit the Digital Advantage support website to learn more about how to use your netbooks and to submit tech support requests.