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5th Grade 1-to-1 Computing

Transforming learning through technology.
The Sunnyside District will assign netbook computers this school year (2010-11) to all fifth-graders in 13 elementary schools. The first phase in the fall semester will implement one-to-one computing for all fifth-graders at Drexel, Gallego, Liberty, Los Amigos, Mission Manor and Summit View. The remaining seven elementary schools will implement one-to-one computing for fifth-graders in the second quarter. Total cost is nearly $1 million, to be funded from Unrestricted Soft Capital.

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Delphine Isquierdo Nowak Memorial College Scholarship
In honor of his mother, superintendent Dr. Manuel L. Isquierdo established the scholarship for a district 5th-grade student who will graduate in 2018.

If you would like to make a donation please mail checks, payable to the SUSD #12 Delphine Isquierdo Memorial College Scholarship, to:

Sunnyside District Business & Finance Office
c/o Karen Rodriguez
2238 E. Ginter Road
Tucson, AZ 85706