Check-ups and Immunizations

Routine exams and screenings help you and your kids prevent, identify, and treat health problems when they arise. Vaccines greatly reduce your child's risk of serious illness (particularly when more and more people use them) and give diseases fewer chances to take hold in a population. Unfortunately, misinformation about vaccines could make some parents decide not to immunize their children, putting them and others at a greater risk for illness.

Evaluate information on immunizations, talk to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns or questions, be sure to tell your healthcare provider if your child has health problems or allergies to medications or food, and be sure to discuss what specific vaccine schedules are recommended for your child.

Visit the district's School Health Services page to learn more about services provided by nurses in the schools.

View Arizona School/Child Care Immunization Law requirements. If you have questions contact your school nurse.

Note: Failure to keep immunizations up to date could result in your child not being able to attend school. Each state has different vaccination requirements.